Windea Leibniz Delivered to Bernhard Schulte

Windea Leibniz (Photo: Ulstein)

By Eric Haun

The newly built wind farm service vessel Windea Leibniz was
delivered from Ulstein Verft to Bernhard Schulte Offshore and
ICBC Leasing on February 28, and named March 2 at a ceremony in
Ulsteinvik, Norway.

Beginning in April, the vessel will work at the Sandbank wind
farm in the German Bight for Siemens Wind Power Service to help
ensure energy production from the site's 72 wind turbines.

Windea Leibniz is the second wind farm service vessel in a series
for Hamburg based shipping company Bernhard Schulte and the
Beijing based financial company ICBC Leasing, following on the
delivery of sister vessel Windea La Cour which has been working
at the Dutch Gemini wind farm since August 2016.

Both vessels were designed by Ulstein Design & Solutions AS
and built at Ulstein Verft in Norway.

The Windea Leibniz naming ceremony was held in at the Ulstein
Verft yard premises, where lady sponsor Dai Ling named in vessel
in honor of the German mathematician, philosopher and physicist
Gottfried Wilhelm von Leibniz, who in the 17th century proposed
to use wind power to operate pumps.

According to the builder, the usage of the service operation
vessels (SOV) will improve the efficiency of service operations
at offshore wind farms. The vessel functions as a platform for
wind farm operations and maintenance support, technician
accommodation and transport, as well as the provision of
exceptional levels of safe and reliable access to offshore

"The vessel has the X-STERN hull shape, which allows it to be
positioned with the stern faced towards the weather instead of
the bow only," said Matthias Müller, Managing Director of
Bernhard Schulte Offshore. "Her award-winning sister vessel
Windea La Cour, which is working in the Dutch Gemini wind farm
since August, has already proven that this leads to improved
weather resilience, greater operability and reduced power and
fuel consumption while on DP mode next to the wind turbine."

Mar 2, 2017

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