Two new Suzuki outboards

16 Feb 2017

Suzuki's new 150hp DF 150 AP

Suzuki's new 150hp DF 150 AP

Suzuki outboards have been a popular choice for powering workboats, and now this Japanese company has unveiled two new additions to its range in popular sizes.

The two new engines, the 150hp DF 150 AP and the 175hp DF
175 HP engines are both based on the same engine block and these are high
technology engines are designed to offer good fuel economy and reliable
operation in rugged applications. The 150 hp unit operates at 5500 rpm and the
175 hp at 6100 rpm.

Both of these new outboards are based on a 2.86 litre
in-line four cylinder block that is fitted with double overhead camshafts and
variable valve timing. The engines operate on a high 10:1 compression ratio
which is claimed to provide an increase in the maximum low end torque and which
generates impressive acceleration. Other features of these new outboards are
the semi-direct air intake system which suppresses any increase in the
temperature of the air that is sent to the combustion chamber which helps to
increase the combustion efficiency. The combustion efficiency is further
enhanced by means of an oxygen sensor and a knock sensor which both help to
stabilise the engine rpm.

The ‘brain’ of these new outboards is a 32-bit control unit
which, through multiple sensors, analyses a series of parameters connected to
the operation of the engine in order to optimise the working of the engine.
This process establishes the quantity of petrol being allocated to the
multi-point fuel injection system to make it compatible to the amount of air in
the cylinders.

This lean burn system has been pioneered by Suzuki in
previous outboard engines and it is claimed to produce significant improvements
in the fuel economy. The same system controls the pulse, detonation and oxygen
sensors, as well as sensing any water in the fuel and it carries out the
continuous monitoring of all the engine functions in real time which is claimed
to enhance the reliability of the engines.

Among other innovations on these new Suzuki outboards there
is the Keyless Start system which includes an electronic key and an immobilizer
function. This allows the engine to be started just by pushing the start button
whenever the electronic key is within one meter of the helm console. The
steering of the outboard is now based on Precision Control, which is a
computer-based drive-by-wire system that replaces the mechanical control cables
found in conventional control systems with electronic wiring that eliminates
any source of friction and resistance.

For twin engine installations Suzuki has introduced its
Selective Rotation system which is a switch that allows the rotation of the
propeller shaft to be reversed to allow setup as a counter rotating pair of
engines. The weight of the new engines is 236 kg.

Suzuki GB PLC will be launching these new engines to the
commercial sector at Seawork International 2017 on quayside stand number Q3.

By Dag Pike

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