Sonardyne INS for Norway & Ghana

22 Feb 2017

Innova, the specialist Norwegian subsea engineering and technology organisation, has commissioned Sonardyne combined Sprint Inertial Navigation Systems and Syrinx Doppler Velocity Logs for two new ROVs being built by IKM Technology of Bryne.

The joint equipment assemblies will provide tightly coupled
navigation data in support of a wide variety of proposed survey and inspection
missions in depths down to 4,000m.

Each all-in-one Sprint-Nav design assemby is said to
conserve payload space while improving subsea navigation integrity.   Their design also features a high-accuracy
pressure sensor which can be removed for re-calibration without affecting basic

Meanwhile, Sonardyne in Aberdeen reports a Sprint INS has
also recently been operational in offshore Ghana off the west coast of Africa
as part of a deepwater ROV 3D laser survey carried out by Scottish Adus
DeepOcean and its local Ghanaian subsidiary on behalf of Tullow Oil.  Survey operations covered 12 drill centre
locations and a total of 27 metrologies in depths between 800 and 1,800m.  Used in conjunction with a depth-rated 2G
Robotics ULS 500 Pro Laser, the system reportedly exceeded expectations by
producing accuracies approaching 1cm in a dynamic mode.

By David Goodfellow

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