smartAIS technology

14 Feb 2017

Vesper Marine has launched what it calls revolutionary new smartAIS technology which provides new capabilities to help make boating safer.

The new technology, when combined with Vesper Marine
products, provides what Vesper calls, the world’s first black box AIS
transponder with built-in safety alarms.

Unlike other manufacturer’s systems that simply send and
receive AIS data, Vesper Marine said its smartAIS goes further. Because it is
an active system with smart alarm logic, it proactively alerts boaters of potentially
hazardous situations.

Putting users in control, smartAIS combines navigation
sensor data, and GPS and AIS information, with intelligent alarm management
that prioritises alarms for the most urgent response. This is technology that apparently
no other AIS transponder is equipped with.

New Zealand based Vesper Marine specialises in creating marine
safety products, with an specialty in AIS transponders and aids to navigation.

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