Rapid Contract Lifts and Transports Five Gas Tanks

Photo courtesy of RRS

Posted by Michelle Howard

Rapid Response Solutions (RRS) combined its lifting
and transport capabilities to move five gas tanks from a live
chemical plant in Middlesbrough, 300 miles south west to Cardiff,
where they were to be refurbished for industrial gases company
Air Products before installation at another site.

RRS accepted a scope of work to lift the tanks, ranging in size
from 13m to 18m in length and 35t to 40t in weight, onto various
transport vehicles chosen from its extensive fleet. In each case,
the gas tanks had to be driven up a steep hill upon exit from the
site, which was just one of a number of complications that had to
be overcome.

Paul Barber, managing director at RRS, said: "The length of the
tanks and the vehicles required presented a potential issue,
largely owing to a steep hill that would be encountered at the
outset of every journey. When it levelled off at road level, the
trailers would be close to grounding out. However, the route had
been surveyed before the project commenced and we had to make
sure the suspension systems allowed for the contours to get the
vehicles safely out onto the motorway."

For the largest tank (pictured), RRS used its four-axle 150t GVW
Scania tractor unit with a four-axle extendable Nooteboom low
loader. The remaining, smaller tanks were moved by its three-axle
80t GVW Daf tractor units and four-axle extendable Faymonville
semi low loaders. All vehicles were selected based on
availability and suitability from the RRS fleet of 20 extendable

The tanks travelled with an accompanying escort vehicle, also
provided by RRS, for the duration of the journey; in each case,
an attendant travelled in the cab with the driver. Barber said
movement was programmed around not travelling during rush hours
or in the dark, while the company's transport department
consulted daily with the relevant authorities to book permits and
discuss upcoming transportation movements.

Prior to transportation, RRS provided a contract lifting service
with two Liebherr mobile cranes. A 200t capacity LTM1200-5.1 was
used with a smaller 90t capacity LTM1090-4.1 for tailing. The
cranes were used over a three-day period to complete five tandem
lifts. Each tank had fixed lifting attachments that double-up as
securing points. RRS selected suitable chains to hold down the
loads and secure them for transportation. The destination site in
Cardiff has its own lifting equipment to move tanks during

RRS received detailed information about the dimensions and centre
of gravity of each tank, which were drained of gas before arrival
onsite. However, as Barber explained, further checks are always
carried out to ensure accuracy and avoid potential problems once
cranes are under load or vehicles are on public highways.

He said: "The customer provided us with comprehensive information
in advance so we could select the cranes and vehicles required,
but we always conduct our own weighing procedures and surveys. We
have worked with many tank suppliers over the years and know that
the information provided to us isn't always accurate. In this
case we used two 25t Radiolink plus wireless load cells from
Straightpoint, fitted to the LTM1200-5.1, to weigh the tanks when
they were first lifted to cross reference information. The
measurements were within 5%."

Feb 27, 2017

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