Orbital Gas wins BioMethane contract

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By Joseph R. Fonseca

Orbital Gas Systems, (Orbital), the leader in
innovative gas measurement solutions, has been awarded a contract
valued in excess of $750,000 by a major European industrial
company operating bio-methane-to-grid plants throughout

Under the contract, Orbital will provision two BioMethane units,
the company's bio-methane-to-grid system, for delivery to the
client in 2017. The award follows an extensive audit and
assessment of Orbital's technical, innovation and support
capabilities with the intention of creating a long-standing
partnership for BioMethane solutions. Orbital's 100% success rate
in achieving 'gas-to-grid' deadlines and its world-class design,
manufacturing and technical support facilities were pivotal
factors in securing the contract.

Orbital UK president, Richard Law, stated, "This contract
recognizes Orbital's deep technical expertise in the field of
BioMethane by one of Europe's largest industrial companies. Our
world-class facilities, innovative technologies and track record
of achievement together enabled us to secure this opportunity."

William Clough, CUI Global's president & CEO, commented, "As
the natural gas sector increasingly turns to BioMethane to meet
energy and environmental needs, Orbital's recognized expertise in
the renewable gas market puts it at the forefront of a growing
market opportunity. Awards from industry leaders should spur
adoption of our BioMethane system, as well as our solutions for
the pipeline gas measurement and power generation markets, and
drive our penetration of sizeable addressable markets in Europe,
North America and elsewhere."

Feb 14, 2017

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