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14 Feb 2017

Kongsberg's integrated Walk-to-Work system will be installed on 'Olympic Orion'

Kongsberg's integrated Walk-to-Work system will be installed on 'Olympic Orion'

Norway -headquartered international marine technology company Kongsberg has announced that its motion compensated, integrated Walk-to-Work gangway system will be installed on Olympic Shipping’s windfarm Multipurpose Offshore Vessel ‘Olympic Orion’.

Designed to significantly increase efficiency and safety for
Walk-to-Work duties, K-Walk will be integrated with the advanced Kongsberg
Information Management System (K-IMS) and the existing K-Pos Dynamic
Positioning system on board Olympic Orion,
which will be upgraded as part of the installation in the latter half of 2017.

Olympic Orion will
utilise the innovative K-Walk solution following its launch as part of Kongsberg’s
new Integration Strategy in autumn 2016. The system takes a new approach to
increasing productivity and efficiency for Walk-to-Work vessels by improving
operability of key systems on board. In addition to full integration with K-IMS
to enable mission and route planning for increased service capability within a
wind farm, the system interconnects with the dynamic positioning (DP) and a
planning station. The system extends vessel availability by increasing the
operational weather window.

Through integrated mission planning, automated vessel
manoeuvring and gangway hook-up, Kongsberg claims that K-Walk introduces a
step-change for increasing efficiency and productivity of the Walk-to-Work
operations that are integral to Wind Farm Construction and Maintenance
projects. While providing a completely safe, motion compensated gangway for the
fast transfer of personnel and materials, integration enables more efficient
approach and settlement at wind turbines and more effective logistics. The
system is activated prior to entering a wind turbine’s safety zone, reducing
vessel speed and launching the K-Walk hook up process during approach. Because
of the integration with the DP, the gangway is able to move into position while
the vessel is still moving, positioning it safely as the vessel arrives on

The integration of K-Walk with K-IMS is a unique approach
that enables in-depth mission planning, resulting in increased productivity and
efficiency by finding the most preferred route for increased service capability
within the wind farm. The system will be fully connected with Olympic Orion’s DP system, offering
increased operability with a new condition based operator environment, which
requires less manpower and has minimal training requirements.The K-Walk
solution for Olympic Orion will also improve time for mobility and safety with
an integrated lift system for transfer of people and goods, including electric
trolleys (under design) for movement of pallets across the gangway. Overall,
K-Walk significantly enhances operational time efficiency, which improves
productivity with the ability to serve more wind turbines within the same time

“We see a potential to install this integrated Gangway
solution on board several of our existing vessels in order to provide W2W
services into an expanding and interesting market segment,” said Bjørn
Kvalsund, COO, Olympic Subsea.

By Jake Frith

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