Oklahoma regulator issues new directive to curb quakes

Earthquake PhotoFilippo Coppolino,  AdobeStock

Posted by Joseph R Fonseca

Oklahoma's oil and gas regulator on Friday issued a
wider directive limiting future increases in wastewater disposal
underground in another effort to address a rash of temblors that
have occurred amid the shale boom.

The guidelines include wells in Oklahoma's Arbuckle formation
that previously were required to restrict disposal volumes and
some potentially high-volume wells not previously covered.

Those wells were not part of earlier orders because there had not
been reports of seismic activity in their area.

In total, the directive will cover 654 wastewater disposal wells
in the Arbuckle formation, the vast majority of which have
already had volume restrictions, the Oklahoma Corporation
Commission (OCC) said on Friday.

Feb 25, 2017

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