New Tool for Subsea Umbilical & Cable Recovery

Image: Webtool

Posted by Eric Haun

Hydraulic systems specialist Webtool has introduced a new
gripping and lifting tool for recovering subsea umbilical and
cable for offshore oil and gas and decommissioning projects. The
Cable Retrieval Tool (CRT200), developed in consultation with
international certification body and classification society,
DNVGL, allows the safe and controlled recovery of damaged cable
and umbilical, up to 8" (203 mm) diameter.

Current methods of recovering umbilicals for repair or
replacement involve trenching the seabed around the cable or
umbilical to allow a double choke sling to be attached using an
ROV. The hydraulically operated Webtool CRT200 gripper aims to
offer a quicker and safer method of retrieval and improved
handling, according to the manufacturer.

The CRT200 cable gripper provides a streamlined cable recovery
whereby the gripper, guided by an ROV, is lowered onto the end of
the cable without requiring preliminary clearing of the soil
around the cable. The mechanically locked gripping action ensures
the umbilical cannot escape during retrieval; moreover, an
internal clutch mechanism prevents damage from overtightening. By
gripping the end of the cable, it makes subsequent handling much
easier, enabling the cable to be recovered to a reeler or spooler
on the surface vessel.

Fabricated from corrosion resistant materials, the cable gripper
weighs approx. 500 kg and has a lifting capacity of 20 metric
tons. The CRT200 can be used at any water depth, and is available
with hydraulic hotstab or torque bucket interface options.

"Working in consultation with DNVGL, we've designed the CRT200
gripper to provide offshore contractors with a highly effective
way of recovering umbilical and cable from any water depth. By
gripping the end of the cable, it is easier to handle once on
board the vessel," said Keith Elliot, engineering director,
Allspeeds Ltd.

Webtool said it offers the complete cable recovery package
covering both cutting the cable and its recovery with the
gripper. The ROV-operated Webtool cable cutting tools range from
the light weight HCV100 for cables and umbilicals up to 4"
(101mm) to the HCV270 for cutting up to 10.6" (270mm) in severe
working conditions and allows diverless deployment.

The Webtool range of high performance cutting tools is designed
and manufactured exclusively by Allspeeds Ltd.

Feb 24, 2017

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