New supervision-vessel by Maritime Partner

24 Feb 2017

Maritime Partner will deliver the vessel in December 2017

Maritime Partner will deliver the vessel in December 2017

Maritime Partner has signed a deal with Norwegian Rig Shuttle for the delivery of a high-speed supervision vessel.

It will be operated for the Norwegian Directorate of
Fisheries (NDF) along the length of the Norwegian coast.

Norwegian Rig
Shuttle has also entered into a contract with NDF’s office in Tromso – the contract
will run for three years from January 2018 and includes the option of additional

“Because of the current vessels vulnerability to harsh
weather conditions, we have had a desire for a more robust alternative. Now we
finally have the chance to acquire the right tool for the job,” said section
chief of NDF region North, Rolf Harald Jensen.

He added: “For the time being, we are adjusting our
capacity to one vessel and still we are able to be more operative and less
vulnerable with regards to safety of operations, the crew and the environment.
This has been a core demand of our requirement specification.”

The new supervision vessel will be built and equipped
to operate in the most northern parts of Norway during the arctic winter.

This ensures less weather dependency for NDF’s
operations, and provides higher operability for their fishery inspection.
During the summer months, the vessel will be operating in the southern parts of

The vessel, which is of Maritime Partner design
Alusafe 2000 MPV (Multi-Purpose Vessel) will be ready for delivery in December

Alusafe 2000 MPV is a new design, tailor
made for NDF. The design is based on a
tried and tested hull, which has been used for a number of vessels and is well
suited for both open and shallow waters.

It will be
fitted with a Seabear 20 workboat from Maritime Partner at the stern. The
supervision vessel will have a crew consisting of a captain from Norwegian Rig
Shuttle and two inspectors from NDF.

Norwegian Rig
Shuttle delivers maritime services for maintenance operations, towing,
personnel- and goods transportations, and additional services. This vessel will
be the first from Maritime Partner in their fleet.

“We are very
happy with our choice of supplier, and what we have seen of reference-vessels
have been very good.  With regards to this vessel, it will be operational
seven days a week, in very demanding conditions, and we are very satisfied with
the array of equipment, choice of materials and technical solutions,” concluded
Kjetil Hantveit, CEO of Norwegian Rig Shuttle.

By Alice Mason

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