New offline ACAT courses from ECDIS

30 Jan 2017

Offline version of ACAT courses now available

Offline version of ACAT courses now available

UK maritime training provider ECDIS Limited has introduced an offline version of its ACAT courses for clients with little or no internet access onboard.

The courses have the same content as the online versions, they can be purchased and downloaded onshore when internet is available and run on any PC for up to 365 days.

George Ward, a key architect and developer of the ACAT courses at ECDIS, said: “We have had incredible interest and uptake of our new ECDIS ACAT courses. But we are acutely conscious of the fact that many shipping companies globally are yet to implement reliable (or indeed any) internet onboard their vessels.”

He added: “As such we have invested heavily in rolling out a new format for ACAT running parallel with the existing online training solutions already available.”

The courses are available as two different license options; a single license for individual crew costing £15 per year, and a per hull option at £150 per year, enabling companies to register an entire hull with unlimited crew.

Once the course has been completed by a student, they simply email a unique verification code to ECDIS HQ and are issued with a digital copy of their certificate – valid for a year.

“We are always looking for new cutting-edge ways of training the industry and adding additional levels of safety and quality assurance to a company’s crew competency. Our new offline ACAT gives that by offering greater flexibility and accessibility for shipping companies,” concluded Mark Broster, ECDIS’s managing director.

By Alice Mason

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