Myanmar Study Looks at Port Data Exchange

Photo:  International Maritime Organization (IMO)

By Aiswarya Lakshmi

A feasibility study looking into the possible
expansion of the Northeast Asia Logistics Information Service
Network (NEAL-NET) has been undertaken in Myanmar, as part of a
project co-funded by International Maritime Organization (IMO)
and China.

A team of consultants in Myanmar (5-6 March) met a range of
stakeholders in the region and made a site visit to the port of

The aim is to gain a better understanding of existing systems of
port logistics information and to identify the port or ports
where NEAL-NET could be implemented. This is the second
feasibility study made in the region, following one in Cambodia
in February.

NEAL-NET was established in 2010 by China, Japan and the Republic
of Korea as a transnational, non-profit cooperative mechanism for
logistics information exchange and technological cooperation.

The envisaged expansion of NEAL-NET is expected to support the
implementation of the revised Facilitation Convention, which will
require public authorities to establish systems for the
electronic exchange of information relating to ships' cargo, crew
and passengers, by 8 April 2019.

Once the feasibility studies have been completed, the countries
concerned will be able to identify the technical and financial
needs for possible inclusion in the NEAL-NET mechanism and will
be in a position to apply for relevant funding from national or
international institutions. IMO previously conducted national
seminars on "Electronic means for the clearance of ships and use
of the single window concept" in Cambodia (2014) and Myanmar

Mar 8, 2017

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