MEOSAR technology deal

02 Mar 2017

The company will equip the UK MCA with a new MEOSAR-capable McMurdo mission control centre

The company will equip the UK MCA with a new MEOSAR-capable McMurdo mission control centre

French positioning systems specialist Orolia, best known by MJ readers for its McMurdo brand of EPIRBs, has announced that it has been awarded a critical contract by the UK Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) for nationwide enhancements to its existing Search and Rescue (SAR) satellite technology.

Enhancements will enable the MCA to operate with the new
Medium-altitude Earth Orbit Search and Rescue (MEOSAR) satellites that are
being deployed now. The contract includes one year of installation and
training, followed by an additional three years of service and support. With
this contract award, McMurdo claims to be the worldwide market leader in MEOSAR

System design and development will be completed at Orolia’s
world leading MEOSAR engineering centre at the Americas Headquarters facility
in the Washington D.C. area, while local deployment and support for the MCA
solution will be provided by the Portsmouth, UK office.  The company will equip the MCA with a new
MEOSAR-capable McMurdo mission control centre to serve as the central control
system that collects distress signals and routes them to the appropriate rescue
coordination centre. When fully operational, the upgraded MEOSAR system is
expected to dramatically improve the speed and location accuracy for detecting
emergency distress beacons. 

The company will also install innovative Medium Earth Orbit
Local User Terminals (MEOLUT) and upgrade LUTs, or ground stations, that
operate on the GEOSAR and LEOSAR satellite constellations for comprehensive
program support. The combination will enable the UK MCA to find individuals by
their activated distress beacons using the most reliable system on the market

“This nationwide satellite system upgrade will provide
unparalleled precision, timing and decision support data to UK search and
rescue teams,” said Chris Loizou, Chief Business Development Officer of Orolia.
“We are proud to support the UK MCA with world-leading technology developed
through our forty-year history of innovation.”

“The Maritime and Coastguard Agency continually seek
opportunities to further advance our search and rescue service delivery and
reputation,” said Richard Parkes, Director of Maritime Operations. “McMurdo’s
MEOSAR-enabled mission control centre and ground stations will provide the
highest calibre technology and performance to support our SAR personnel,
enabling us to provide persons in distress with better response operations to
save even more lives.”

By Jake Frith

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