Maritime UK General Election Response

‘We need period of predictable government, with a listening, inclusive and collaborative approach’

Commenting on the outcome of the General Election, David Dingle, Chairman of Maritime UK, said,

“We hope that despite the uncertainties caused by the general election, there will be a period of predictable government, with a listening, inclusive and collaborative approach to the immense issues ahead of the country. Effective leadership is required for the Brexit negotiations that are due to start in a matter of days.

“These are the most critical set of negotiations in a lifetime. We want to see a Brexit deal that ensures the UK’s attractiveness as a place to do business, as a place to research, develop and innovate the cutting-edge maritime products and services of tomorrow, and a deal that capitalises upon new freedoms to back British industry.

“Above all, we need free trade with Europe as well as the rest of the world, enabling our sector to perform its unique and fundamental role in facilitating UK global trade.”

Maritime UK published its own general election manifesto during the campaign, setting out a blueprint for how industry and government can ensure that:

· the UK is a competitive place to do maritime business

· the maritime sector can attract inward investment

· the UK boosts the export of our cutting-edge maritime products and services

· the maritime sector can efficiently facilitate UK global trade

The maritime sector will continue to work closely with the new government to develop the UK’s industrial strategy, Mr Dingle added,

“Maritime has to be absolutely central to the UK’s industrial strategy – both in terms of enabling swift and efficient global trade and by advancing innovation and boosting exports of our own maritime products and services.

“Both of which will help boost productivity and deliver growth across the whole country.

“Maritime UK is coordinating the maritime sector’s bid. Industry has already identified a number of proposals to feature in our bid, and we’re looking to government to demonstrate real progress as soon as possible, now that the election is behind us.”

“Whilst we have become accustomed to political surprises of late, we aim to work collaboratively with Government in any form, particularly as the critical strategic importance of the maritime sector to this country transcends any political considerations.”
Source: Maritime UK

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