MarineLink's Joe Keefe Sounds off on Oregon Public Broadcasting

MarineNews and Maritime Logistics Professional Editor Joseph Keefe

MarineNews and Maritime Logistics Professional Editor
Joseph Keefe on Thursday spent ten minutes with Oregon Public
Broadcasting to discuss the fate and the future of Oregon's only
deep water port. Listen in to find out more.

As ICTSI Oregon, Inc. and the Port of Portland mutually agreed to
terminate a 25-year lease agreement to operate the container
facility at the Port's Terminal 6, the agreement allows ICTSI
Oregon to be relieved of its long-term lease obligations
effective March 31, 2017, pending approval by the Port
Commission. In exchange, the Port will receive $11.45 million in
compensation to rebuild business, as well as additional container
handling equipment, spare parts and tools at the terminal. But,
what does that mean for the port, the region and the port's

The recent announcement of the deal can be read HERE.
The radio segement on Oregon Public Broadcasting (NPR) can be
. Scroll down to the second story.

Mar 3, 2017

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