Latest Russian salvage vessel takes to the water

30 Jan 2017

'Kalas' is prepared for its launching at Nevsky Shipyard (Nevsky)

'Kalas' is prepared for its launching at Nevsky Shipyard (Nevsky)

Russia’s Nevsky Shipyard has celebrated launching of the tug-salvage vessel 'Kalas', latest in a series of similar vessels for the Russian government and part of its emergency response fleet modernisation programme.

Over the last year, Tugs & Towing has reported on progress with the Russian Federation’s fleet renewal programme aimed at expanding its salvage, towage and rescue capabilities. The two main vessel designs are designated MPSV12 and MPSV07 and it is the former group that Kalas is set to join.

The order was placed by FGM Directorate of State Contracting Authority for Marine Transport Development Programmes, development of the project entrusted to CJSC Marine Engineering Bureau-design SPb.

Another topic receiving coverage recently is the subject of state sponsored Emergency Towing Vessels, or ETVs, to provide back-up intervention capabilities at locations with for example, a combination of: high traffic densities, environmentally vulnerable coastlines with particularly inclement weather and tidal conditions where perhaps more traditional commercially available assets are thin on the ground.

One consideration when determining the ideal model for an ETV is, whether or not the vessel be equipped to carry out additional duties when not responding to emergencies. Calls on the vessel may be few and far between but when it does intervene in an emergency it can make the difference between the successful resolution of a situation attracting little media attention and a catastrophic disaster threatening both lives and the environment.

With such resources usually financed from the public purse getting value for money while ensuring it can cope with all possible eventualities is of course important and was perhaps a consideration when determining the multipurpose role of the MPSV12 class Kalas.

The function of the vessel is described as: patrolling; search and rescue in areas of activity of inshore fishing and oil and gas fields (in compliance with class); assisting distressed vessels involving ship repair work; diving operations up to depths of 60m; underwater technical works including welding and cutting; towing capabilities including in open water and ice conditions; firefighting duties including extinguishing burning fuel on water; antipollution capabilities; evacuation of personnel including provision of medical assistance; delivery of general and bulk cargo and finally transportation of up to 12 passengers in ice conditions including at shallow depths.

Main dimensions are: LOA 79.85m, breadth overall 17.36m, draught 4.5m, DWT 320t and endurance 30 days with sailing range 4,000nm. Kalas is rated at 5,200kW in total driving two ice-class CP propellers in nozzles, manoeuvrability aided by two bow and one stern thrusters. A 100t load double-drum towing winch is fitted aft along with a 60t towing hook and the cargo carrying capability is evident with provision of an electro-hydraulic, pedestal-mounted knuckleboom crane with a maximum capacity of 24t along with a smaller cargo davit.

By Peter Barker

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