Marine Pilot

Shetland Islands Council

Marine Pilot – Shetland Islands Council,
Ports & Harbours Operations
Port Administration Building, Sella Ness
£59,983.91 – £92,046.00 per annum inclusive
On-line Ref No: SIC02414
Closing date: Sunday 22nd April 2018

The Marine Pilot 1st Class assists Ship’s Masters
and pilots, berths, un-berths and safely navigates
vessels of all classes safely and efficiently within the
Sullom Voe and Scalloway pilotage areas. The Marine
Pilot 1st Class reports to the Team Leader – Harbour
Master. During an act of pilotage, Pilots work wholly
unsupervised. Every act of pilotage is subject to various
statutes and regulations and in Sullom Voe is monitored
by Sullom Voe Port Control VTS.

The main duties and responsibilities of the Marine Pilot
1st Class includes:

• Advise, via ship’s master, vessel crew operations
relating to securing tugs, mooring, unmooring. Liaise
with and direct terminal jetty staff during mooring/
unmooring operations.
• Act as Harbour Master’s representative on board
vessels being piloted to/from/at berths. Ensure in
so far as is possible that the inbound vessel under
pilotage is fi t and safe for the port.
• Liaise with Port Control regarding traffi c movements
and ‘own ship’ progress
• Have a full knowledge and understanding of the SIC
Marine Safety Management System (SMS). Ensure
compliance with harbour bye-laws and directives
and act on, record and report any infringements.
• Provide when on or off duty, emergency cover, assist
in conservancy work and as marine representative
of the Council, witness and report on any marine
emergency or unusual occurrence. Carry out any
reasonable duties/requests of the Director of Infrastructure
at any location, harbour or waters under the jurisdiction
of the Council.

Shetland is a vibrant island community with a dynamic
economy underpinned by the fi shing and agricultural
industries, with oil and gas contributing greatly to the
islands’ prosperity. It is a unique setting, with an open,
friendly community and an exceptional quality of life,
including first-class education and recreational facilities.

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