200 Ton Mate Tankerman – OTB

Olympic Tug & Barge

Job Information

  • Seattle, Washington, United States
  • 34276726
  • June 13, 2017
  • 200 Ton Mate Tankerman – OTB
  • Olympic Tug & Barge
  • Seagoing
  • Full-Time


Acts as second in command of the tug and barge. Must be able to understand and carry out the orders and directions of the Captain. The job responsibilities include, but are not limited to the following: cargo pumps, operate tank/pipeline valves, operate manual and hydraulic booms. Must be prepared to assume command in the event of incapacity of the Captain. Responsible for safely making and breaking tow with barges, handling lines and wires.

  • Stands wheelhouse watch alternating with Captain.
  • Oversees safety of vessel including all installed equipment and inspections thereof.
  • Maintains chart corrections and light lists for Area of Operations.
  • Instructs Deckhands in seamanship skills and on use of all tools and machinery aboard the vessel.
  • Assists Captain in barge landings and must be able to communicate distances and directions to Captain accurately and concisely.
  • Determine the need for and assign lookouts as necessary.
  • Calculate petroleum products and weighted averages.
  • Plan and execute petroleum cargo operations on board barges and complete accurate paperwork.
  • Maintain professional relations with customers.
  • Check oil and water in any equipment on board before putting in use.
  • Inspecting for and maintaining general tug and barge maintenance and cleanliness.
  • Testing of hydrostatic cargo hoses and piping.
  • Change engine oil and filters.
  • Splice barge lines and boom running gear.
  • Become familiar with and enforce Company safety practices.
  • Inventory supplies and order as appropriate.
  • Monitor onboard usage, and ensure supplies are utilized in an efficient manner.
  • Communicate in English and effectively direct workers in assigning jobs and seeing them through to completion.


  • Must have a valid Coast Guard license with radar observer, towing, and PIC barge endorsement.
  • Knowledge of Coast Guard and state requirements for transfer operations.
  • Previous experience as a Mate or Master of a tug hauling oil barges preferred.
  • Previous experience as a tank barge operator on oil barges preferred.
  • Completion of Coast Guard approved firefighting training.
  • Knowledge of IG (inert gas) systems preferred.
  • Valid first aid certificate and CPR training.
  • Complete HAZWOPER training within 90 days of hire.
  • Basic computer knowledge and skills.
  • Must be able to train assigned workers.
  • Must be able to direct, fairly evaluate, and correct performance of subordinates.
  • Must be able to understand and use information in cargo information cards and material safety data sheets.
  • Ability to think and respond quickly to emergency situations (oil spills, mechanical failures, etc.).
  • Self-motivated
  • Must be able to perform the functions set forth in the job analysis and be physically fit enough to pull heavy lines/hoses, lift, carry heavy items, kneel while painting, climb onto barges and up and down ladders, and bending and twisting during boat/barge tie up.
  • Knowledge of basic arithmetic skills (add, subtract, multiply, and divide).
  • Must be able to read, speak, and understand English over telephone and/or radio.
  • Valid state drivers’ license.


  • Valid Coast Guard license, minimum 200GT Near Coastal, with radar endorsement.
  • Valid Near Coastal towing endorsement.
  • Two (2) years of experience towing barges as licensed Deck Officer coastwise on US West Coast, SE Alaska and Central Alaska.
  • Permanent residence in Washington or Oregon preferred.


  • Exposure to all weather conditions (rain, ice, snow, heat, wind, heavy seas, etc.)
  • Work aboard boats and barges using pike poles, heavy lines, winches, mechanical tools for repairs, paint, thinner, paint brushes/rollers, paint chipping tools, cleaning solvents, kitchen utensils/cookware, power cords, air purifying respirator, Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA), air monitoring equipment, hearing protection, VHF radio, hand tools, tow lines, high level alarms, thermometer, and gas meters. Operate diesel engines, cargo pumps, hydraulic booms, cargo gear, gate valves, and butterfly valves.
  • Must not be afraid of heights.


  • Ability to adapt to a variety of schedules and hours.
  • Able to work weekends, holidays, and at night. Willing to take call outs.


To apply for this job please visit jobsite.gcaptain.com.