Hybrid electric feasibility guide

07 Mar 2017

US classification society ABS has published the ‘ABS Advisory on Hybrid Electric Power Systems’ to provide what it calls ‘the critical information marine and offshore owners and operators need to make smarter decisions about energy generation and storage’.

The comprehensive list of technologies addressed in the
Advisory includes lithium-ion batteries, supercapacitors, flywheel energy
storage, fuel cells, wind and solar.

“In developing the Advisory, we looked beyond the marine and
offshore industries to determine how other sectors, like electric utilities and
aerospace, have applied nonconventional power to products,” says ABS Chief
Technology Officer Howard Fireman. “This Advisory demonstrates our broad
approach to analysing information – identifying and evaluating how technology
transfer can deliver comprehensive and practical tools for the marine and
offshore industries.”

In an effort to support the application of new hybrid
electric technologies, ABS worked with Sandia National Laboratories and other
project partners to study the technical, economic and regulatory feasibility of
building a zero-emission, hydrogen fuel cell powered, high-speed passenger
vessel, the SF-BREEZE. ABS issued a conditional
Approval in Principle for this novel concept, verifying that the design would
comply with applicable regulations and rules. Our work with Sandia Labs and the
project team provided practical knowledge that was integrated directly into
development of the ABS Advisory on Hybrid Electric Power Systems.

By Jake Frith

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