Fincantieri, Ferretti Group join forces

By Joseph R. Fonseca

Fincantieri and Ferretti Group today announced they
have signed a wide-ranging co-operation agreement , with the aim
of developing industrial and commercial synergies between the
world's two leading Italian companies in their respective

The announcement was made during the show IDEX-NAVDEX of Abu
Dhabi , one of the most important international exhibitions
dedicated to the defense and security sector. The MoU refers to
both the defense and security sector and to the yacht building.

In both sectors the skills and expertise of the two great Italian
groups are complementary and synergistic and understanding of
collaboration opens up many possible scenarios.

The agreement announced today was signed a few days ago by the
CEO of Fincantieri, Giuseppe Bono and CEO of Ferretti Group
Alberto Galassi.

Fincantieri, the first group marine mechanics in the world in the
production of ships with high added value, and Ferretti Group,
one of the most recognized companies in the world of yachting,
they shared - even after the creation of Ferretti Security and
Defence (FSD), the division dedicated to the defense industry and
the Ferretti Group Security - an increasingly interconnected and
demanding vision of the market, in front of which the cooperation
between the two groups can reinforce the successes.

Through this sharing, the leaders of the two companies, count to
soon realize on specific issues and business opportunities the
announced partnership, whose scope will range from civilian areas
to the military, both domestic and international.

" We are very pleased to be working with the Ferretti Group also
because Fincantieri, which is carrying out a great effort of
internationalization, not forget their Italian roots and is very
interested in creating a system with all the national companies
that believe they can receive a contribution for their growth and
their international development. We remain convinced that this
agreement, with subsequent implementations, will have important
repercussions on the national economy, demonstrating once again
that the country system should be in the future engine of growth
in Italy, " said Giuseppe Bono, CEO of Fincantieri .

"Ferretti Group is a rapidly changing and growing: the
collaboration agreement with a global leader such as Fincantieri
represents a recognition and confirmation of our strategy both in
the large yacht industry pleasure and in the defense and security
where Ferretti Group is entered through its new FSD division. We
are convinced that you will be able to develop important
synergies that will bring benefits to both our groups that
together make system in the primary interest of our customers,
attentive to product innovation, reliability of supply and to a
more efficient level of service. Three factors have become
priority in our strategies and we fully associate the vision of
the leadership of Fincantieri.

We are pleased that this announcement has been given in the
context of Idex-Navdex, in a friendly country of our Groups and
in a highly strategic area and the presence of a large audience
of selective international operators, highly skilled, " said the
' Lawyer Alberto Galassi, CEO of Ferretti Group .

Feb 20, 2017

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