EU shipping policy gaps need tackling

06 Mar 2017

EU shipping policy is solid but there are policy gaps which need addressing to sustain further growth, that is according to a new study presented at European Shipping Week.

The Monitor Deloitte concludes that the EU
needs to adapt its framework into a comprehensive, globally oriented shipping
policy that aims to improve the EU’s competitiveness as a location for
international shipping.

Niels Smedegaard, president, The European Community Shipowners’ Associations (ECSA), said: “It
is encouraging to see that the EU is in a good position and does not need a
dramatic policy change.  But global
competition is fierce and we cannot take our position for granted.”

He said that a globally-oriented EU
shipping policy involves the trade dimension and the study recognises that the
EU plays a positive role in supporting bilateral and multilateral free trade

But he cautioned that a more structured EU
external shipping policy is needed to capitalise on this positive role, similar
to the one already existing for aviation.

The study was commissioned by ECSA as input for the ongoing review of EU shipping policy.

By Anne-Marie Causer

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