Deep Ocean Engineering Debuts the Phantom L6 ROV

Image: Deep Ocean Engineering

Posted by Eric Haun

San Jose, Calif. based Deep Ocean Engineering, Inc. has
introduced its newest addition to the Phantom series of
inspection-class remotely operated vehicles (ROV), the Phantom

"The PhantomL6 is our latest entry into the 500m inspection class
ROV arena. It comes equipped with active roll stabilization and
heading gyro stabilization, allowing the pilot to control with
precision, while minimizing exhausting, repetitive movement. As
with other Phantom series ROVs, we offer an open-frame
architecture for easier mechanical integration, and dedicated
expansion bulkhead connectors are provided as standard," said
John Bergman, Deep Ocean Engineering, Vice President of
Engineering. "Its six enhanced Tecnadyne thrusters provide
sufficient power to raise the ROV out of areas that could
otherwise trap a smaller ROV."

The PhantomL6 is engineered for a broad spectrum of industries,

  • Infrastructure Inspections - Bridges, Tunnels, Pipelines,
  • Hydroelectric System Monitoring - Power Plants, Dams,
  • Homeland Security - Law Enforcement, Military
  • Exploration - Oil and Gas, Salvage, Search and Recovery

The standard Phantom L6 platform features include:

  • Active roll stabilization.
  • Advanced dynamic rolling maneuvers.
  • 110 pounds vertical lifting force.
  • Motion eliminating cleats available.
  • Extreme payload capacity.
  • Diverse sonar integration options.
  • Five DOF maneuverability.
  • Easily reconfigurable and customizable.
  • 18,000 lumens high output illumination.

Feb 17, 2017

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