Davao Terminal Outfits with Navis

Photo: Navis

By Aiswarya Lakshmi

Navis and Davao International Container Terminal
(DICT) announced that the terminal has gone live with the Navis
N4 terminal system.

Navis is a part of Cargotec Corporation and provider of
operational technologies and services that unlock greater
performance and efficiency for the world's leading organizations
across the shipping supply chain.

Since opening its gate in 2013, DICT has partnered with Navis to
improve operational efficiency and the successful implementation
of N4 has supported DICT's growth as the most modern terminal in
the Philippines.

Located in the southeastern part of the Philippines, DICT offers
world-class container terminal facilities and services in this
largely agricultural region. As more cargo now requires
refrigerated containers, DICT transformed its operations to
become an industry leader - more than 80 percent of the
terminal's exports are refrigerated containers of fresh produce.

As the only container terminal in the region that is
ship-to-shore-equipped and Navis-enabled, DICT's streamlined
operations provide convenience for exporters and importers, and
more predictable and reliable arrival and departure of
containerships with time-sensitive cargo. This, in turn, helps
ensure the global competitiveness of the region's export-grade

"As a relative newcomer to the container terminal business, we
needed to make sure we had the best technology in place to help
us compete with other, more seasoned operators," said Bonifacio
B. Licayan, Vice President, DICT.

"Navis' supportive Professional Services team trained our staff
to get up and running on N4 and our knowledge, combined with the
dependability of the software, has allowed us to focus our
efforts on other aspects of the terminal's operations and quickly
resolve any operational problems that occur. With this system in
place, we are now considered the most modern terminal in the
Philippines and we look forward to expanding out foothold in the
region through future investments like this latest upgrade of
Navis N4," he added.

DICT, which currently handles approximately 260,000 TEU annually
and is looking to quickly expand capacity, sought out Navis'
operational expertise to help increase throughput and
productivity. Since upgrading to the latest version of N4, DICT
improved its efficiency - delivering the fastest turn-around time
for vessels and trucks available in the region.

"As ports throughout Asia become increasingly congested and more
expensive due to tariff increases, international shipping lines
are looking to DICT as a key transshipment hub," said Mark
Welles, VP of Japan and Asia Pacific for Navis.

Mark said: "Within its second year of operation, DICT was already
feeling the demand for increased capacity and as a result,
constructed and finished its second container terminal berth last
year. There is so much potential for growth in the region and we
partnered with DICT to help them upgrade their operations to meet
the demand from shipping lines, exporters and importers. We're
happy to announce that we were able to successfully complete the
project with no disruption to service, delivering the best
customer experience that is so important to the terminal."

Feb 22, 2017

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