Damen books DAB Vloot ferry order

Inland Ferry Image Damen

By Joseph R. Fonseca

The last newbuild order of 2016 for the Damen
Shipyards Group was signed on the 31st of December with DAB Vloot
of Belgium. The vessel will be a 25-metre ferry especially
designed to carry vehicles and passengers across the canal
linking Ghent and Terneuzen.

Even though the journey time each way for the ferry will be
little more than five minutes, the complex route and the minimal
room for manoeuvre in the busy waterway means that she will be
fitted with twin Voith Schneider propellers (cycloidal drives) to
give her the agility required for safe and timely passages. Power
will be provided by twin diesel engines delivered via reduction
gearboxes, and shaft generators will supply electrical power for
onboard systems. An emergency generator rated at 14.5 kVA will
also be installed.

DAB Vlootis a highly experienced,government-owned vessel
operator, supplying and operating over forty five vessels for the
public sector - government, education and research agencies -
along the coast of Vlissingen, in the Scheldt area and on the
Ghent-Terneuzen canal. The range of vessels is highly diverse,
including tugs, work boats, patrol boats, hydrographic research
vessels and a variety of ferries. DAB Vloot and Damen have a
record of working together in the past. Damen vessels in the
fleet includea 2706 Stan Patrol,SPN-09, two multi-function
Shoalbusters; the Zeeschelde and Zeetijger, and the Simon Stevin,
a 36m research vessel

The new ferry will be named CyrielBuysse and is scheduled for
delivery in March 2018. The build will take place at Damen
Shipyards Hardinxveld in cooperation with Damen Shipyards

Feb 13, 2017

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