Centre for maritime training excellence

30 Jan 2017

Modal Training, a new centre of training excellence for the maritime, ports, energy and logistics sectors, is to open in Immingham, UK, on the south bank of the Humber.

At the heart of this £7m new training facility, is a Kongsberg simulator training suite that aims to set a new standard for marine training and attract learners from across the globe.

Modal Training is apparently the first independent training organisation in the UK to offer such a comprehensive a range of Kongsberg ship, offshore vessel, engine room, DP, radar and VTS simulators. It is also one of just three in the world to be configured in this way for offshore training.

Powered by Kongsberg's latest K-Sim full picture technology, the simulators can be used individually, or together, to train individuals and teams in realistic, simulated environments on all vessel types from offshore vessels, tugs and tankers, to deep sea vessels and cruise liners.

In pride of place is a Class A full mission K-Sim offshore vessel simulator, with a fore and aft bridge, DP2 dynamic positioning and anchor handling.

The K-Sim suite means that the centre can offer training that effectively replicates the working environment for a wide range of maritime roles, including deck and engineering officers and crew, marine pilots and Vessel Traffic Service (VTS) operators.

In addition to providing the opportunity to acquire skills and learn standard operating procedures, the training of individuals and teams can be accelerated by the ability to change key environmental factors, including wind direction and weather conditions, quite literally, at the flick of a switch.

Interested parties are being invited to try out the training suite for themselves. Contact Laura Greendale at laura.greendale@bluestormdesign.co.uk or telephone +44 1482 649343.

By Anne-Marie Causer

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