Bulker Suspected of Being Hijacked by Somali Pirates Now Safe – UPDATE

Sunday, April 9: A bulk carrier that was reportedly hijacked by Somali pirates in the Gulf of Aden on Saturday is now safe and underway to its next port of call. The UK Maritime Trade Operations (UKMTO) center said Sunday that pirates had left the Motor Vessel (MV) after the crew killed the engines and locked themselves in the ship’s citadel. The UKMTO report is below:

Boarded – UKMTO-IO #12

Date:9th April 2017

Location:Lat 14.04166667, Long 51.63166667

REF: ADVISORY NOTICE 003/APR/2017 On 08 April at 1310 UTC in position 1402.09N 05140.00E, an MV was approached by a skiff with pirates which boarded the vessel, the Master and crew stopped the engines and located to the Citadel. The MV was left drifting. On 09 April at 0432 UTC in position 14-02.5N 051-37.9E, the vessel is now back under control of the Company and Master. The MV is underway to next Port of Call and under Escort.

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