British Teenager Killed in Accident on Sailing Yacht

A British teenager was killed Tuesday when she fell from the rigging of the sailing yacht Germania Nova. The vessel was moored at a luxury yacht marina in Portland, Jamaica at the time of the accident.

Bethany Smith, 18, had reportedly gone aloft to clean the mast. Under circumstances that appear to be related to her safety lines, she fell 30 feet to the deck and was fatally injured.

“At this time, we are still carrying out investigations and a female had an accident on the foreign-registered vessel and was taken to the Port Antonio Hospital, where she died while undergoing treatment," said police commander Rex Swearing in a statement on Tuesday. "We cannot disclose the nature of the accident and the name of the individual and vessel."

Niall Robinson, a partner with yacht management company Hill Robinson, confirmed the news in a statement to the Daily Mail. "We are desperately sad to confirm that a tragic accident has occurred on Germania Nova leading to the fatality of a crew member," he said. "Hill Robinson and the owners are doing everything possible to support the family and friends and of course an immediate investigation is already underway."

The 2011-built Germania Nova is a replica of the turn-of-the-century gaff-rigged schooner Germania. She ordinarily charters with a crew of 13, and she is currently listed for sale with an asking price of $9 million.

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