ABS Issues Industry’s First Cyber Safety Notation

Photo: ABS

By Aiswarya Lakshmi

ABS, a leading provider of classification and
technical services to the marine and offshore industries, has
issued its first notation for the ABS Guide for Cybersecurity
Implementation for the Marine and Offshore Industries.

"The focus on cyber safety is increasing, and that is changing
the expectations industry has for classification services,"
explains ABS Chairman, President and CEO Christopher J.
Wiernicki." ABS is ahead of the curve in tackling this fast
moving challenge, creating actionable guidance and helping
clients protect themselves against cyber threats."

The ABS CyberSafety program is aimed at mitigating the risk of
cybersecurity-related conditions or incidents that could
negatively affect operations. Awarding the CS1 notation (Asset,
Basic-level, Informed Cybersecurity Implementation) is a
significant industry first and underscores ABS' leadership in
addressing cybersecurity.

The ABS team worked closely with the client, reviewing and
assessing cybersecurity documentation and the cybersecurity
system to more effectively protect industrial control systems
from a cybersecurity-related incident or failure on their
offshore assets.

"Awarding the first industry notation for cybersecurity is a
significant achievement," says ABS Chief Technology Officer
Howard Fireman. "ABS continues to set the standards for maritime
cyber safety. Our team understands the criticality of cyber
security to the offshore industry and is developing solutions
address concerns across the broad maritime industry."

Feb 21, 2017

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