ABB’s OCTOPUS for Greenland Heavylift Newbuilds

GPO Under Construction (Photo: ABB)

Posted by Michelle Howard

ABB's OCTOPUS marine software was chosen for four new
semi-submersible heavy lift vessels currently under construction
at CSBC Corporation in Taiwan, with the first expected to go into
service in 2017.

The ships, owned by Greenland Heavylift Holdings, will transport
gigantic cargoes such as oil rigs and jack-up rigs, with OCTOPUS
providing a tailored route for each voyage that is updated with
fresh weather data throughout the transportation.

OCTOPUS is a vessel management software platform enabling ship
owners to choose the modules most relevant to their operations.
In this case, OCTOPUS will take into account the hydrodynamic
properties of the vessel, loading parameters and the ship's
onboard weather forecasting to create a polar chart that maps the
safest and most efficient voyage route. The information will
allow ship's officers to continuously update course or speed
decisions during the passage.

ABB will also install sensors to produce real-time roll and
motion data covering both cargo and ship motions, which can be
viewed from the bridge and ashore. This information is vital to
enhance safety onboard and as a guide to the condition of cargoes

Feb 22, 2017

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