11 Indian Crew Rescued of Sunken Ship

Eleven crew members of MV ITT Panther cargo ship were rescued after their ship sank some 200 nautical miles from Port Blair, on Thursday, July 20, India’s Defence Ministry said.

The crew managed to send a distress signal to the Coast Guard once their ship started listing beyond control only to capsize shortly after.

The high waves pushed some of the ship’s cargo into the sea, causing the ship to lose balance and sink taking the crew with it.

The Coast Guard dispatched an aircraft and an ICG ship to the scene where the crew was battling with rough seas and bad weather.

As informed, the seafarers managed to cling to some of the scattered containers in the water, before they scuttled to a life raft.

Coast Guard ship Rajkamal rescued the distressed crew members and took them to Port Blair.

The 1,214 freighter is owned by Indian Transport and Travel’s (ITT) shipping arm, ITT Shipping.

World Maritime News Staff

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